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Who are the Lemberg Volunteers?

The Charity Fund "Lemberg Volontery" (Lemberg Volunteers) is a charitable foundation and private initiative run and managed by representatives of a global consulting/auditing firm (Big 4), volunteering to help our country, Ukraine, in this time of need during the russian invasion. Since the very start, our team has been raising funds to acquire the highest-quality supplies, aid, and support.   

Our goals are to make sure that we can protect those who have suffered, win the war, and come back home having brought peace. We are very grateful to say that within one year, we have raised more than 400,000 USD, which we have used to purchase medicine, evacuation vehicles, generators, and more. 

How did our story begin?

On February 24th, a team of my colleagues (financial auditors and a tax specialist) had a call to make sure everyone was safe and to discuss our moral state out loud. As well as to understand "Okay, we're in a war. What should we start doing?" This is how the story of the Lemberg Volunteers began on February 25th, by people who took responsibility for their country upon themselves.

Lemberg Volunteers is a team, because:

Someone communicates with the aid recipients and coordinates the entire process;
Someone collects all applications for assistance in one database;
Someone prepares and publishes a fundraising post;
Someone searches for donors and cooperation with others who care;
Someone looks for the best price for a product or item;
Someone pays the bills;
Someone is involved in logistics to Lviv, and someone else from Lviv to the areas in need;
Someone packs the shipment, sticks a "Lemberg" sticker and writes a letter to the aid recipients;
Someone checks that we have the appropriate documents for all spending on volunteer accounts;
And someone collects and records these documents;
Someone takes pictures, and someone is photographed;
Someone takes down the boxes from the 3rd floor to the 1st, because our "warehouse" is on the 3rd;
Someone coordinates purchases in pharmacies;
Someone writes reports for social networks, someone prepares a photo and/or a video report, someone publishes them;

We are very glad to be in touch with you, and look forward to working towards victory together.

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["Lemberg Volunteers" is a private initiative of me, Svitlana Nahorna-Hordiichuk, and my colleagues. I am the co-founder and director of the foundation. We do not act on behalf of our employer.]


drones acquired


vehicles acquired


thermal-cameras acquired


generators acquired

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How we work

We will show and tell you about all the stages of our work.
Sending Aid
Requests & Contact

Sending Aid

In the final step, we send the aid we have acquired to our contacts. 

We receive an official acceptance certificate, as our contacts show us and let us know that they have received the aid.


Our second step is raising the funds necessary to purchase and acquire the necessary aid. 

This is where you can help us most.

Requests & Contact

Our first step is collecting the official requests from those in need. 

We are in direct contact with those who receive the aid, and regularly meet them in person.

Let's meet

Our team

Main office

Svitlana Nahorna

We have come so far and lost so many that we have no choice but to reach the end. We did not start this war, but we will end it with the victory of Ukraine. We have no other country and no other Dnipro river.